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WHAT IS cpaider

Cpaider is an unusual landing page builder

Using it, you can easily create a landing page and place offers from any affiliate networks using ready-made offer templates and a convenient management system.

  • Conversion improvement functionality
  • No programming skills required
  • Contains many ready-made landing page designs
  • Suitable to any affiliate programs
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For webmasters and arbitragers

This service will greatly simplify the work with affiliate networks and their offers (financial topic) as well as increase your profitability thanks to smart algorithms for increasing conversion.

  • Loan
  • Credit
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Installment card
  • Auto loan
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How it works

Get a BIG discount from partners

Are you a webmaster working with the listed CPA networks? Contact your affiliate program manager and get Cpaider discount promo code.

Not registered? We advise you to do it right now. Only the best financial traffic CPA networks listed below

  • SalesDoubler

    Provides a full range of services ranging from training manuals to the latest tools for working in the field of PDL. They help both a beginner and a large agency to earn money, suggesting all the subtleties of arbitration.


    Affiliate network with unique technological solutions, convenient technical support and an excellent reputation.


Choose a service plan

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12 months



What our clients say about us



I have been using landing pages for working with financial traffic for a long time, but now it has become x1000 times more convenient. Now I have much more time and naturally this affected the income for the better.

Zhenya Mikheev


Finally, someone made a service with which I can safely collect landing pages for my traffic!

Dmitry Petrenko


#cpaider is a really handy thing! No fiddling with servers, layout, designs, looking through codes for offers changing and other nonsense! Now it's just a piece of cake

Katya Sysoeva


I suffered when I was constantly inventing new landing pages for my traffic! #cpaider is just a godsend for me!

Alexander Zhivov


The service improved my conversion to each lead by 15%, I purchased an annual rate and with my volumes paid it off almost immediately.

Maxim Grishkov


Well done guys! #cpaider is a really handy thing for landing financial traffic

Elizaveta Evseeva


The #cpaider constructor is a really handy tool for working with traffic

Denis Makhov


Guys you are super! Thank you for such a perfect service constructor, the best landing page is ready within 5 mins!

Maria Darina


The guys from the #cpaider team have made a really convenient service with a free service plan. Great!